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Temilade- Blog reader

I wish there was a like button here. I love your website and the concept behind the innovation. I have been reading through all the articles and they are very enlightening.

Olubukola Odunsi — CEO Bidecky consult.

I will encourage as many individuals and businesses that can attend the Digital marketing training  of She Learns Here to do so. Asides the training, the words of encouragement and the push I got from the facilitator has made our online presence much better.

Debora Akinrinde — CEO Ara Couture.

For me learning doesn’t end. You unlearn, learn and re-learn.
Knowing it all has never been my way of life.
I can learn from anyone and anything.

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 SLH is a multi-channel platform and community. We offer online and offline training and support to women in business in Nigeria and its environs.

The mission of She Learns Here is to support women with digital technology Information, Education and Skills needed to run a business in the 21st century. This is because many women, though skillful in their trade and hardworking, are operating much below their potential for lack of business and digital skills. We want to significantly improve this by offering training, accountability programs and services to get their businesses thriving through collaborations and partnerships with well meaning individuals, corporate and governmental organizations.



— We Inform

Through our blog, we provide free information about technology, business events, trainings, funding opportunities and business management tips for Nigerian women in business.


— We Train

We organize and collaborate with other organisations to host training events on digital marketing, technology and business management for the women in our community. 

We also offer both free and paid online courses on business and digital skills through SLH Online Academy.



— We Support

We offer digital marketing services and support to women in business in Nigeria which includes website creation and training, content creation, paid ad management, Search engine Optimization and Social Media Management.

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She Learns Here is a certified UNIDO HP-LIFE entrepreneurship program training institution.


Your donation will enable our non profit, She learns here initiative for skills empowerment, to provide training and support  to business women in Nigeria and the rest of Africa (both online and offline). 

The skills we teach include website design, social media marketing,  graphics design, mobile photography and more. 

You can help us achieve our goals in one or more of the following ways:

1. Make a cash donation and let us handle the training

2. Organize a training and pay participants fees

3. Sponsor individual trainees to any of our classes or modules.


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