3 things you must do during the COVID19 lockdown

I know, I know, there’s no lockdown in Nigeria yet. But I think that is the way to go if we really want to curtail this global pandemic. Lock down all borders – land, sea, air, and public places for two weeks by the end of which those currently asymptomatic will have begun to show symptoms.

Okay, I digress. I’m not an epidemiologist so let me face what I really know. I want to tell you 3 things you need to do in the next couple of months as a business woman in Nigeria if you want your business to survive beyond this time. Its not going to be business as usual anymore.

Naaa, levels have changed! 😂

So what do you need to do to enter the new level? Let’s take them one after the other:

1. Stay safe and stay sane

I bet you didn’t see that one coming right? You need to stay safe and sane because only then will you be able to run a business. Adhere to all health and safety guidelines this season. Also, guard your heart from fake and discouraging news, focus more on the positive. Eat healthy, rest, play, this is the time to get to know your family better and form better bonds. Reach out to family and friends, build better relationships. Lastly for this point, exercise! You don’t want to resume work tired, bloated and double your size 🙀

2. Get online!!!

I’ll say that again, get your business online! I don’t even know how to stress this enough. See, any business without a proper online presence in 2020 is getting ready for extinction. And I just don’t mean social media presence here. I’m talking about having your own landing pages, blogs, websites, being on local directories and listings, moving part of your daily operations like accounting, logistics, meetings and so on, online.

People are at home now, majority are searching, buying and learning stuff online. Even my 69yo mum is now an online buyer 😂.

Think about it, it only takes 24 days to build a habit. If my mind gets conditioned to ordering food online throughout this period, I’ll keep ordering food online. Get it?

The least you can do in this regard is to get your business posted on Google. Clock here to get access to our FREE guide to listing your business on Google.

I am also available to build beautiful, mobile responsive websites for your personal and business brands. Reach out to me through my personal website here for this service

3. Learn digital skills

So you may get a web designer or developer to build your website or blog, but you need to know how to maintain and operate it.

You may get someone to build an accounting app for you but you need to learn how to use it. You need to learn how to design simple graphics for social media, you need to learn how to place ads properly on social media, you need to learn how not to spend all your time on WhatsApp and social media…

You get it?

You need digital skills!

Join me for a free Instagram live webinar on Monday, 30th March at 1pm WAT as I talk about the essential digital skills you will need as a business woman in Nigeria beyond the COVID19 era.

Let’s get ready for the boom ahead!

I’ll be going live on Instagram using @shelearnshere , feel free to share the news and handle with friends too.

Once again, stay safe and keep bonding.


Olubunmi 😍🌹

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