Who says you must be stressed while building a profitable business (or career) from the things you love? No, you don’t have to be. A lot of women find it difficult to manage their businesses/careers and their personal lives at the same time. This shouldn’t be. One aspect of your life should not make another suffer. There’s got to be a balance to this so that you can give attention to every important aspect of your life that needs you.

There are ways to HAVE AND ENJOY a work-life balance while building that business or career. I will be sharing 5 WAYS that are working for me to help you achieve this:


Passion is what keeps you going. Passion is the reason why you still want to continue in that business despite the low sales or challenges with capital etc. You must be passionate about what you do so that you do it with ease. When you do what you love, you will love what you do and this is the best way to enjoy your business or career.


It’s possible to be passionate about many things. It’s possible that many things are calling for your attention but the way to go so that you do not drown with overwhelm is to create a priority list. This helps you to know what to give attention to, how you give the attention and how long you give the attention.


Don’t try to be a super woman. Lol. Think of the things people can do for you and delegate. Shed some work off you. The only thing you can not delegate is your duty to your spouse though . You can delegate ALMOST any other task. So think about it and see how to delegate.


Technology has definitely made things a lot easier. Now you can automate your sales, social media posts, registrations and even access to whatsapp chats. You can automate emails too, using email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, get response and others. You can also automate online courses. Take a look at your to-do list, what are the things you can automate so that life can be easier and less stressful? Automation helps you create time for other important things in your life and business.


YESSSSS! This is a big deal. Find time to take care of you. Without you, that business or career cannot be. You don’t have to look 60 when you are just 35, for instance. Create time to treat yourself. You deserve to look good, be healthy and feel good. Do something special for yourself especially when you have a win – celebrate your wins. Reward yourself when you achieve a goal or complete a task. Find time to rest well, eat healthy, exercise and stay happy. You can go shopping, indulge in ice cream, watch a movie at the cinema, go to the spa etc. Do what works for you, just make sure you rejuvenate.

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