7 Life-Changing Tips to Learn from Nkiru Olumide-Ojo of Standard Bank Group

A woman of all seasons, Nkiru Olumide-Ojo is the Head of Marketing and Communication of Standard Bank Group, South and Central Africa. As a marketing & corporate communication and social development expert, she has spent the last twenty years working in several economic sectors and with several multinationals.

As someone who strongly believes in the importance of lending her light to the younger generation coming, she is the founder of the Lighthouse Women’s Network: a platform that empowers women through mentorship, advocacy and other programmes.

In her book, “The Pressure Cooker: Lessons from a Woman at Work”, she documents the struggles and challenges that have birthed the success she now enjoys today. She never shies away from sharing her wealth of knowledge across different social media platforms.
Her insights and advice are ever valuable. This is why we have chosen to share seven (7) of her life changing tips with you today:

1. Read more; there is no shortcut.

You are what you know. Therefore, you don’t know what you don’t know. Find news bulletins that bring you a summary of business, political, and social news. Subscribe to relevant sites and read books pertaining to your career and other aspects of your life. You also have the option of joining virtual book clubs if certain conditions constrain you from joining physical ones.

2. Find a work ally.

A second pair of eyes and head to run thoughts by will help you a great deal.

3. Find a mentor.

It is critical that you have someone who is guiding, supporting, and pushing you forward.

4. Find a ‘thinking time.’

It is not too late for you to commit to blocking out a minimum of one hour a week in your diary. Don’t be one of those people who do more of ‘doing’ than thinking. Just having time to think can help you bring more to the table.

5. Keep making demands of yourself.

Challenge yourself as you end each day with questions like, ‘What value did I bring to the table today?’ This is the only way you can have a value yielding year and find joy in everyday life.

6. Don’t be afraid to critique yourself.

It is tough but necessary.

7. Experience is not the best teacher.

Learning from the successes and failures of others is always faster and usually less painful.

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