Academy For Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) DreamBuilder Programme – 2019-2020

  • Women! Another opportunity knocks!
    Be among the 50 million women to be empowered by this white-house initiative, brought to you by @dreamgirlsacademy & US Embassy’s Academy of Women Entrepreneurs.

    This is one that will open up more doors for you.

  • If you’re an aspiring female entrepreneur starting out in the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), Commercial & Creative fields, this is a grand chance you shouldn’t miss.
  • I brought an overview of the programme Outline:
    Session 1 – Programme Orientation
    Session 2 – Starting Your Dream
    Session 3 – Exploring Your Dream
    Session 4 – Planning Your Dream
    Session 5: Making Your Dream
    Session 6: Marketing Your Dream
    Session 7: Pricing and Profiting from Your Dream
    Session 8: Selling Your Dream
    Session 9: Financing Your Dream
    Session 10: Keeping Track of Your Dream
    Session 11: Business Pitching
    Session 12: Personal Branding & Networking
    Session 13: Graduation

    Visit to apply.

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