#appfeature: Pocket

Have you ever seen a very helpful article online but have to run an errand real quick? How do you get back to reading it?

Nobody ever wants to stay glued to their phones searching endlessly for that article that will give the key to success. You surely don’t.
Good news! This app is for you!
You can easily save and share videos, articles, even emails you come across on your smartphone to come back later on with a browser bookmarks.

You might say, “my browser already does that.” It can, but browsers save partial or the complete web-page, creating a folder and save the CSS, JS, and media files of the page. A good alternative to this feature of browsers is the Pocket app.

It even reads content to you in a Siri-like voice.
It runs on apple’s iOS and Android.
Have you had an app like this? How do you save your offline reads?

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