#appfeature: Toggl

Many business and career professionals end the day with at least one thing on their “to-do list” they couldn’t do, or they didn’t leave early enough for the next appointment. You know, the day could have been better managed, right?
Have you heard of the Toggl app? It’s one cloud-based time tracking app to have! It’s free too.
This free program’s designed to give you more clarity and insight into the breakdown of your day: it helps you keep track of the time you spend doing whatever task during the day, and it’s as easy as pressing the “start” & “stop” button.
What I have found is that there’s as much time as you need in one day for each activity. Plan and keeping track of it using this digital app. Team management, & even project management just got a whole lot easier. It gives reports on project completion too!
It runs on Android & iOS, google “Toggl” and find out how much it can do to help you and your business.

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