Have you ever underestimated the act of selling? I used to think it simply involved approaching someone and telling them about your product, they buy (or maybe not) and you move on to the next buyer. This book totally changed my mindset as I realized selling was deeper than I gave it credit. I heard about “The Psychology of selling” while listening to Dupe Akinsuin (Head, Leadership and Capabilities Center of Expertise, Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, Nigeria) on the LinkedIn Professional Branding Virtual Summit organized by Dr Glory Edozien last month. I immediately downloaded it online and shortlisted it for my April read. While it was focused on the traditional salesperson, the tips provided can be applied to a career person, a job seeker, an entrepreneur etc. Here are 10 things I learnt from the book: 1. HAVE A PERSONAL GOAL Having written personal goals is a huge motivation to go out and win everyday. E.g. give yourself a target of how much you want to earn annually and then break it down to daily income. Figure out how much sales you have to make to hit this goal and hit the ground running. Your sales will be positively different. 2. PLAN “Meticulous planning will enable everything a man does to appear spontaneous” – Mark Caine Know who your potential customers are (i.e prospect), envisage the possible resistance you might encounter from them and prepare your answers and reactions. Take a cue from Professor in the movie, Money Heist. Go to your prospect knowing exactly what you will say not just anything that comes out of your mouth! 3. HYPE YOURSELF Before you approach that prospect remind yourself of past successes, speak positive affirmations to yourself like “I’m the best at what I do”, “I’m a genius” etc. Brain Tracy says,” It is not possible for you to talk positively to yourself, using words like this, without immediately feeling happier and more confident. When you walk in to see the prospect, the prospect will feel the positive energy coming from you, and will definitely relax and respond to you with that same positivity 4. KNOW YOUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE “If you don’t have competitive advantage, don’t compete!” – Jack Welch. Most business people are not patient enough to do the work of figuring out what makes their product stand out. Don’t be one of them because it is one of the reasons why your prospect will buy from you. 5. DRESS FOR SUCCESS Your goal at all times is to look on the outside as if you were one of the very best people in your field” – Brian Tracy Dress professionally. Groom yourself attractively and control your posture. Don’t forget that the way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed! 6. ASK QUESTIONS They put you in control. Phrase your product information in the form of a series of questions from general to particular. Questioning skillfully while listening actively would help you conduct needs analysis. 7. PRACTICE ACTIVE LISTENING This is because you are there to learn the unique situation of your prospect so you can teach them how they can use your products or service to solve their problems. 8. BE PERSISTENT BUT POLITE The book points out a few “Nevers” e.g “Never get off the phone without getting an appointment”, “Never sell to your prospect standing”, “Never let the selling process with your prospect end with ‘give me time to think about it’”. This will require a great deal of persistence done expertly with a touch of politeness 9. SELL BENEFITS NOT FEATURES Your prospect does not care about what the product is, they are more interested in what it will do for them. So, identify the basic and secondary needs that your product can satisfy and then demonstrate this to your customer. See why you need to ask questions and listen actively? 10. BE FLEXIBLE The book mentions six types of buyers we might run into daily, ranging from those who will buy without haggling with you to those who would never buy from you even after you offer to sell at a loss. To work with these different types of buyers you need to be flexible in your approach and strategy. This 257-paged book is a must read. I have included it in the lists of books I would be reading a second or third time. Are you interested in increasing your sales, personal income or even land a dream job? Then go ahead, purchase and read this book. Looking forward to hear your thoughts after reading XOXO The Book Polygamist

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