Never lack content again!

How to have a constant flow of what to post online as a woman in business. Hello, Olubunmi here. I want to show you how you can always have something to write/talk about to engage your online audience whether on your blog, your YouTube channel, podcast or on your social media accounts. Before I go […]

#appfeature: Toggl

Many business and career professionals end the day with at least one thing on their “to-do list” they couldn’t do, or they didn’t leave early enough for the next appointment. You know, the day could have been better managed, right? ____ Have you heard of the Toggl app? It’s one cloud-based time tracking app to […]

#appfeature: Pocket

Have you ever seen a very helpful article online but have to run an errand real quick? How do you get back to reading it? Nobody ever wants to stay glued to their phones searching endlessly for that article that will give the key to success. You surely don’t. _____ Good news! This app is […]

Much ado about blogging

Quite a number of people have asked me what they can do to make their businesses more visible on the internet. And one of the answers I give them is If you love to write, “start a blog or contribute to a blog”. What is a blog? According to Google dictionary, a blog is a […]


Background The world has gone digital and if you are struggling to keep up, you are definitely not alone. In a brochure titled EMPOWERING WOMEN IN THE DIGITAL AGE: WHERE DO WE STAND? Which was prepared by the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI), under the supervision of Gabriela Ramos, OECD Sherpa and […]

What To Do When Shadow Banned On Instagram

If you notice that your post engagement recently dropped without an explanation, you may be undergoing what people have termed Shadow ban. According to Von Glinow of HuffPost, Shadowbanning is an effort from Instagram to make the platform a safer and less spammy place. The main goal of this new implementation is to deter brands […]

5 plugins for website traffic analysis

So you have built a beautiful WordPress Website that tells a sweet tale off your business, products and services, you have told friends and family, shared it on social media platforms, but how do you know if people are visiting the website? Cue web analytics! According to Wikipedia, Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting […]

5 websites that can boost your online presence and sales in Nigeria

Hello!  Have you downloaded the FREE “Get online” (Google maps) guide by She Learns Here? If not, stop now, click here and get free, instant access.  Did I mention that it’s free?  If you have downloaded the guide, what did you do with the information? Have you listed your business on Google maps? . In the […]

Why you need a business website

1. Credibility.​ Having a business website as a small business owner in Nigeria is no longer a luxury. Granted, the initial investment and yearly renewal fees may make a woman in business skeptical, but when it is used right and properly optimized, the benefits far outweigh the Investment. And now, more than ever, small business […]

How to have Zero followers yet thousands of sales

Look around you. On facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google search, nairaland, naijiagist, LindaIkejis blog… There are problems everywhere.  Listen: to what people are searching for, asking for, talking about.  What do they want? What’s lacking? Learn: What problem do I have (or can aquire) the skills and passion to solve? What solutions exist to this problem? […]

Whatsapp business app

The developers of the much loved social chat app, Whatsapp, have come up with a revolutionary variation that may Improve the way SMEs interact with their clients. Its called “Whatsapp Business”. Here’s what they have to say about it: WhatsApp Business enables you to have a business presence on WhatsApp, communicate more efficiently with your […]

Unique selling proposition (USP)

I look at many business bios on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other Social media platforms and see why clients are confused. They don’t know why they should choose you over the next person who does what you do. If there’s something different about you, you are not telling them. This difference, is your USP. . […]