Dear sis, how are you?

Dear She-human, how much attention are you paying to your mood, feelings, emotions, beliefs ,perceptions and behavior?

Do you know that your mental and emotional well being are linked with other aspects of your well being such as financial, social, physical, occupational and environmental?

Your mental well-being determines how much of your ability you realise, how you cope with challenges, difficulties and the adversities that life presents, it also influences your productivity as a business or a career person as well as your ability to give value to your family, friends and the society at large.

Enjoying good mental well-being is not something that can be left to chance. As a woman, you are a rallying point as a daughter, wife, mother, friend, sister, co-worker, neighbour and much more. These multiple roles come with various responsibilities that if not carefully managed, have a potential of compromising you emotional and mental well-being.

Do you take adequate rest? Are you able to say NO to demands that are wearing you out? Do you have a schedule for exercises? Do you practise positive self-talk? Who are your support system? How do you catch fun?

Burn out is real! Don’t wear yourself thing trying to be everything to everyone. You deserve to be mentally and emotionally stable. Your loved ones deserve an emotionally available you.

Take care of your mental health because there is no health without mental health

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