Femmepreneur Spotlight: Basmallah Akomolafe

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Last week’s femmepreneur spotlight was on:
Basmallah Akomolafe of Career Corner NG @careercornerng. She started her registered business in Lagos, in March 2018.

We had a priviledge to know a little about her in this short interview:

SLH: Tell us about yourself.

BASMALLAH: I am Basmallah Akomolafe, a graduate of History and Int’l studies from the “better by far” institution, University of Ilorin. My innate urge to help people career wise led to the birth and evolution of Career Corner NG.

SLH: Tell us about your business.

BASMALLAH: Career Corner NG is a network of over 2000 unique and vibrant individuals focused on career growth and development. We handle recruitment, CV and Cover letter writing, career planning and business consultation among other things.

SLH: Why did you become an entrepreneur?

BASMALLAH: To help people through the provision of legitimate career information and solutions.

SLH: What are your major success stories so far?

BASMALLAH: We’ve given back to the society by training over 200 job seekers on CV writing. We’ve reviewed over 100 CV’s and written half as much. A select number of people who benefited from our trainings and guidance have secured well paying jobs. Career Corner NG got registered in January. The interesting part is that all of this achievements happened within a year of our existence.

SLH: What challenges are you currently facing as a female entrepreneur?

BASMALLAH: Access to the right network that’ll foster the growth and development of CCNG. There’s also access to finance as at when required. My website is careercorner.see.ng

SLH: Thank you so much for your time, Basmallah.

Basmallah Akomolafe is passionate about career growth, career development, trainings and creating opportunities. She has been providing legitimate career information and employment solutions since 2014, acquiring so much experience in the process. Visit her website to learn more about what she does.

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