If you are looking to create an extra stream of income online with little or no capital should consider starting a Page Management Business on Instagram.

Instagram is a social media platform where over one billion users connect and share content. Because it takes time to create and place content on the social media platform, individuals, celebrities and businesses usually hire people to do it for them.
So if you naturally love spending time on Instagram, you can actually get paid for doing so.

Instagram Page Managers are specialized Social Media Professionals. They create and post content as well as formulate marketing strategies for products and businesses on social media. They also communicate with and attend to potential and current customers on Instagram. They can be fully employed by one business or they can choose to work for multiple clients as a freelancer.

Yes! Instagram Page Managers can work from home! In fact, working from home gives them more flexibility and freedom because they can work from any location and manage multiple business pages. The people who do this are also known as Instagram Virtual Assistants (IGVAs).

An Instagram Page Manager can make up to $500 or more monthly managing pages for a client because it is a skilled job. An Instagram Virtual Assistant, however, has the opportunity to earn even more because he/she can manage multiple clients at once as a freelancer.

Like most online business, the advantage of being an IGVA is simple – freedom and flexibility.

Running an Instagram Page Manager business as a home business gives you:

1. Flexibility of time:

This does not mean you do not work. It only means you can schedule your work to be done at a time you please and also have time for the people you love.

2. Flexibility of your work location:

As a Page Manager you can actually work from anywhere including the comfort of your home. You are not restricted to a location so you can also work with international clients as well as businesses within your locality. Hence this is a perfect side hustle that can be continued when you travel or relocate to another city/country.

3. You can choose who you want to work with:

Unlike normal businesses where an employer chooses you, you will be the one to interview, assess and select clients that you can have a good working relationship with so you are consistently in a win-win situation. You can specify the niche you want to work in.You can decide to work for just fashion brands, sports brands,etc

4. You can start with little capital:

The Instagram Page Management Business is a skill based Business. You do not need to purchase or import any product to begin. Hence, the start up cost is usually very small.

5. An extra stream of income for you:

Being a Page Manager does not have to be a full time job if you do not want it to. It can come in as an additional stream of income besides what you already do. As long as you have time dedicated to your work, earning income as a page manager is a perfect side hustle with a full time income.

Here are 5 simple steps to starting your page Management Business.


Learn the skills: Being an Instagram Page Manager is all about offering professional and valuable skills in exchange for cash. These skills include:
Customer Service
Graphic Design
Product Marketing and Advertising
Content Creation, Strategy and Management
Audience growth skills and Lead Generation

Your expertise in these skills will give you a higher earning capacity. These can be learnt in a very short time if you have a coach to put you through.

STEP 2 :

Learn the tools: There are a wide variety of tools that enable you adequately execute the skills required to manage Instagram like a pro and help you deliver top notch service back to back.


Build your business structure: Having a business structure in place will help you manage yourself and your clients properly. From getting your business registered to building up a contract form and signing up your new clients, a good business structures is what will help you run your business smoothly without losing the flexibility you desire.


Build a social media presence: This is a perfect way to advertise yourself. Social media offers you an amazing chance to build a seven figure brand and help you increase your clientele.


Network at offline: Do not stay indoors! There is a tendency for virtual entrepreneurs to remain indoors after all, you can do your job and run adverts from your computer and in the comfort of your home. However, you can get more clients and reach more people when you network with business owners, especially within the locality.

Over the past one year , I have trained 5000+ online entrepreneurs and I have helped many women start up profitable Page Management Businesses all in the comfort of their home. I have created a FREE MASTERCLASS to help you out if you want to start a profitable Page Management Business.

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Seun Ofoegbu is a Digital Launch Strategist and an Online Business Coach passionate about teaching individuals how to start profitable businesses online.

In 2018, her Instagram handle @seunofoegbu (now @learntolaunch) was named in the Business Day’s Top 12 Instagram handles for SMEs.

She is the Founder and CEO of The Virtual Workforce Limited, a Digital Marketing Company as well as Sharpstone Jewelry Store,an online only jewelry store for non fade rings.

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