How to drive traffic to your small business website in Nigeria

People are searching every day for goods and services that solve their problems and satisfy their wants. The question is can they find you when they search?

Having a website is essential for small business visibility but you can’t stop at that.

Having a website that nobody knows about is like building a very beautiful house and locking it up. You don’t live there, neither do you entertain friends and family there.

So how then can you drive traffic to your website?

1. Offer and promote a valuable freebie hosted on your website: For example, we offer a free guide to listing your business on Google which is hosted on This ensures that whoever wants to have access to the guide has to go to the website.

2. Blog: Write useful articles that set you up as a thought leader in your field and share them often. Invite people to follow and bookmark your blog.

3. Put the link on all your social media bios: All social media platforms allow the addition of external links to your bio. Take advantage of this and post your website link on your bios whether you are active on the platform or not. Someone may come across it and click out of curiosity.

4. Send the link directly to people who will be interested: Do you know people who need the information on your website? Share the link directly with them. However, please don’t spam or be a nuisance.

5. List your website on Google my business: This gives free traffic as people who are searching Google for what you offer in your location will have access to your business listing.

To do number 5, please click here for our free guide to listing your business on Google.

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