Miles Morland Foundation 2019 Morland Writing Scholarships for African writers (£18,000 in Scholarships)

The Miles Morland Foundation is pleased to announce the 2019 Morland Writing Scholarships for African writers. The purpose of the Scholarships is to promote literature and good writing. Submissions, including non-fiction submissions, will be judged solely on literary merit. Scholarship Requirement:

The only condition imposed on the Scholars during the year of their Scholarship is that they must write. They will be asked to submit by email at least 10,000 new words every month until they have finished their book, or their Scholarship term has ended. If the first draft of the book is completed before the year is up, payments will continue while the Scholar edits and refines their work.

Accepted works:

The Scholarships are meant for full length works of adult fiction or non-fiction. Poetry, plays, film scripts, children’s books, and short story collections do not qualify.

Important Dates:

Applications will be received between 30th June 2019 and 30th September 2019. Applications submitted outside that period will not be looked at.

Visit here for more details and to apply

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