Mobile graphics design masterclass in Ibadan

The last mobile graphics design masterclass we had in April was a success. We are still receiving positive feedback from it.
However, some people missed it and have been on my case to hold another one. One of those people is @tinutemi of Datina designs. She said, Bunmi, you must do this training again and we must make it loud. Many women need this skill.
So, I’m glad to invite you to the mobile graphics design masterclass 2. A collaboration between @shelearnshere and @datinadesigns.
By the end of the class, you will understand the differences between the features and benefits of a product or service and how to use this knowledge to improve the attractiveness of your marketing materials.
You will understand the basics of digital design for non designers. How to design like a pro when you are not one.
You will also be able to make social media marketing flyers like the one above to promote your business online using apps on your Android phone.
To register, click here.

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