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How to have a constant flow of what to post online as a woman in business.

Hello, Olubunmi here. I want to show you how you can always have something to write/talk about to engage your online audience whether on your blog, your YouTube channel, podcast or on your social media accounts.

Before I go into how, let me tell you what content is and why you need to have a constant flow of content.

Content is the presentation of information for a purpose to an audience through a channel in a form.

In some other parlance,

So why do you need a constant flow of content?

1. You need to attract your ideal clients: The right content will attract the right people. So if you already know the people who need your products or services, you need to attract them with content by addressing their specific needs.

2. You need to engage your audience: After attracting the right people, you need to keep them interested in you by engaging them with more content so that it’s not a one off visit for them.

3. You need content to sell your products and services to your engaged audience. You are not just churning out content to entertain. The ultimate aim is to sell and you need content to create sales posts and pages.

Now that we have established the need for content at different stages, how then can you have content to post as often as you need to?

1. Have content topic guides: Look at your current audience. Are they your ideal clients? If yes, look at the type of content they engage with mostly on your accounts and note them. Do they like inspiration, education, humor, trivia? Do they like it more in text, Picture, video, audio, infographic?

If your current audience is not made up primarily of your ideal clients, don’t lose hope! I have a solution for you as well.

Search for blogs, channels, profiles that have your ideal clients as their followers and perform the action above for their audience like they are yours. This will give you an idea of what types of content the people you need like.

Once you have this information, creating the right kind of content becomes easier.

2. Be prepared: Just like the Boy’s scout, you ought to be prepared always for content inspiration. How do you prepare? Always have writing materials, camera (or a phone with a good camera), a video and audio recording device (again, or a good phone? 😁).

This is because now that you know what you want to write about (remember number 1 above?), you will start seeing ideas all around and you need to document them.

It’s the way if you think about buying a Lexus Jeep for example, you start seeing them around even though they were always around you just hadn’t given them attention.

So you will start seeing greater content ideas when you are working or walking, or reading, or in church, or watching a movie. If you are not prepared, you’ll lose the inspiration.

The idea is to document your ideas and then group them into your content topic guides as explained above so that you always have content on standby.

3. Curate: Using your content topic guides, search the web for interesting and related articles, posts, videos, podcasts that have been made by others and repost them.

Make sure you always credit the source of your curated contents including Pictures you lift off google (click on the picture on Google to go to the website its hosted on and add a link to that website on the picture if it’s reposted on your website or put the link in your caption if it’s posted on your social media pages).

4. Schedule: I’ve met people who have things to write but not all the time. So here’s my advice for such people:
Get a content calendar to guide you.
Whenever you feel the writing bug, write as much as you can and schedule them using scheduling apps so that you can have content for rainy days.


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