wordpress website training in nigeria

REVEALED!!! The serets of creating beautiful websites, landing pages and more that get you noticed online leading to greater sales.

wordpress website training in nigeria

We understand a nice website can cost as much as N500,000 these days, That’s a huge cost! While we appreciate the effort and training of web developers, sometimes as a small business owner who is just starting out, getting that amount of money to invest in a website (it is an INVESTMENT) is near impossible. How about a website training where you can learn how to create something simple, yet beautiful without technical skills ( it’s easy!) with just N30,000?


This is what you would be missing if you don't attend!

  • The chance to learn how to create a beautiful wordpress website for your business
  • The chance to make more money selling on your own website
  • The chance to learn how to come up on the first page of a relevant google search
  • A chance to make  N30,000 extra weekly building websites and blogs for others 

More details

This is an online or offlline training of 2 hours per day.

Your payment of N31,500 is inclusive of VAT and covers cost of training, access to a free hosting and domain name platform which you can use to create your “test” website.

 It does not cover a personal domain name or a self hosting plan, these can be made available at an added cost.