Why small businesses in Nigeria need websites

Stop missing out on sales because you don’t have a website!

Tola has been saddled with the responsibility of leading the organizing team for her organization’s end of year party.
Her team is responsible for location, food, decor, souvenirs and every other thing that would be needed to make the party a grand one.

At their first meeting, they brainstorm ideas and decide on what to do. Next job is to find who to do the job.

Jide and Bimpe suggested a few vendors they’ve seen on instagram. Tola then checks out their handles and sees a few stuff. But she wanted to see more and be sure they are legit because she has heard of scam being perpetrated by all these vendors that collect your money and block you.

She clicks on the link in the first vendors bio ( @idontneedawebsiteltd) and it leads her to a WhatsApp page. The DP on the WhatsApp page shows a very lovely family.
Tola immediately closes the page. She’s not here to buy from an individual abeg.

The next link she clicks on (@iknowtheimportanceofawebsite) takes her to a beautiful yet simple website. She was able to see what the vendor does, see pictures and videos of past jobs, and also testimonials from past clients.

She goes a step further to check if they are listed on Google Maps and she’s pleasantly surprised that not only is the vendor listed, they also have a few glowing reviews on Google.

Tola’s team and “I know the importance of a website enterprises” have a meeting this week.

So, which of these business cases describe your current situation? Tell me below 👇👇👇.

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