Women in WACREN Physical Computing with Python: Online course

The digital world is moving fast and we all need the skills and know-how to stay relevant in life and business.

This online course is a collaborative development effort by WACREN, Eko-Konnect Research and Education Initiative, Nigeria (Eko-Konnect) and the University of Cape Coast, Ghana (UCC) for the “Women in WACREN Physical Computing with Python” program.

The Women in WACREN initiative contributes to bridging the gender equality gap in STEM fields through the promotion of participatory design methods and university-based maker spaces and Science Shops.

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Participants will learn how to create a program in Python that interacts with embedded systems such as the Raspberry Pi, Sensors and other external components. At the end of the course, participants will receive a certificate issued by the Africa Training Initiative and an invitation to join their local community as a contributor.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to the Linux Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Introduction to Python Programming
  • Introduction to the DevOps Lifecycle and Git – ‘GitLab’
  • Introducing Embedded Systems, Sensors and other common electronics components

Target Audience
Female students, researchers, academic staff and female professionals in STEM-related fields or other disciplines with good computer skills and interest in smart systems.

Course Start Date: 1st July 2019

Course Duration: 10 weeks

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Course Format
The course is self-paced with the learning path, enhanced with two key activities for a seamless experience.

  • Discussion forums – integral to collaborative learning, this is a very important part of the course and an activity with each topic. Moderated by expert facilitators, the discussion helps to amplify the resources and promote sharing of experiences and understanding between the students. This exchange of ideas improves the quality of dialogue and generates new ideas and thoughts.
  • Interactive Web-Conferencing – Two webinars, one in Week 2 (Course Orientation) and the other in Week 6 (Tracking Progress) complement the forums and make the online classes more personal and interactive. Sessions are recorded for review.

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Application closes 27th June, 2019.

Source: http://indico.wacren.net

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